Written | Mine

It was 1983, she was five years old
Sitting in her floor playing with
Ken and Barbie.
Everyone said ‘You’ll
Meet your prince one day and
You’ll have your Happily Everafter,
A love that’s never ending.’

And before she knew it, she was
Crushing with puppy love
At sweet sixteen.
Getting all of this attention, that wasn’t
Worth a mention and kisses that
Never meant a thing.

The years were rolling by, she
Said ‘Daddy, he’s the one. He’s
My dream come true.’
Ten years of marriage down the drain,
She married a man she thought
She really knew.

Eight years came and went, before
She could blink an eye.
And there she was, thirty-nine
Putting her heart back on the line.

Tonight she’s sitting at home,
She’s all alone and she’s asking herself why.
He was her one and it’s come undone,
And she doesn’t want it to be goodbye.

They said ‘You’ll meet your prince one day.
You’ll have your Happy Ending,
A love that’s never ending. It’s
Just a matter of time.’
And as she wiped her tears to dry her eyes,
she whispered to herself
Thinking about you, ‘I’ve already found mine.’

Teresa Maree | Feb/2018