Creative and inspired

I’m still feeling inspired. I’ve been drawing a lot more, using graphite. I’ve been writing a lot more. And I’ve also been painting even more than either of those two things. I will be updating each section of my website over the next few days, but until then here are a couple of newer pieces that have yet to be added.


Like a ghost, you haunt me.
I close my eyes, and you’re all I see.
I open them, I stop to stare.
And you’re everywhere.
You’re in the sights, you’re in the sounds.
You’re in the scents, you’re all around.
A memory, a ghost, an open wound.
But still a smile, a laugh, a love gone too soon.
Like a ghost, you haunt me.
You’re every good memory.

New watercolor pieces

I’ve been incredibly inspired the last couple of weeks. My goal has been to complete 4 new pieces of art each week. I’m putting all of my energy, good and bad, positive and negative, into it all. I feel so happy about that, and honestly, blessed to be able to put so much into my art.

I’ve added several new paintings. Be sure to check them out, they’ll eventually be up for sale. Below are a few of my favorites from the last week or so.

My Heart | 9×12 Watercolor

Starry Peaks | 9×12 Watercolor

Cockspur Island Lighthouse | 9×12 Watercolor

Paintings and Photography and Poems, Oh My

Ok, the photography will come later – it’s going to be the most showcased medium here.

Two thousand eighteen began on a high note. The high note, of course, being that I took a road trip to California. Let me just say, it was an incredible adventure. I knocked out some bucket list items, that’s for sure. I tried sushi for the first time (and loved it), I saw a beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset while in Malibu, enjoyed a Ferris Wheel ride on the Santa Monica Pier, walked the Venice Beach Boardwalk and gazed over Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory. I’d share many more photos, but it was hard enough to narrow them down and choose these from the many photos I took while there.

For months I lacked inspiration and motivation to do anything with That’s changed, and I’m feeling some amazing creative energy right now, which has given way to finally dusting off this space and using it! I’m slowly adding some of my poetry and paintings.

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While the rest
Of the world
Is deep in
Their sleep,
She stumbles
On the moon dust
Tickling her feet.
And while lullabies
Are sung
To eyes
Half shut,
The stars
Shine like
In skies dark
As soot.
Just as the
Sun rises
To cast its
First light,
She chases
The moon,
For she
Found home
In the night.

Teresa Maree | Mar/2018

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Be sure to check back from time to time, I’m hoping to launch my shop in the next few weeks which will allow you to purchase photographic prints and canvas prints, as well as some of my paintings.