Creative and inspired

I’m still feeling inspired. I’ve been drawing a lot more, using graphite. I’ve been writing a lot more. And I’ve also been painting even more than either of those two things. I will be updating each section of my website over the next few days, but until then here are a couple of newer pieces that have yet to be added.


Like a ghost, you haunt me.
I close my eyes, and you’re all I see.
I open them, I stop to stare.
And you’re everywhere.
You’re in the sights, you’re in the sounds.
You’re in the scents, you’re all around.
A memory, a ghost, an open wound.
But still a smile, a laugh, a love gone too soon.
Like a ghost, you haunt me.
You’re every good memory.

Some new pieces added

I’ve added some new watercolor paintings, as well as my recent attempt at a portrait style drawing using graphite. Full versions can be seen in the galleries noted as “paintings.”

I’m still feeling incredibly inspired, and I’m eager to improve my drawing skills so there will be much more added in the very near future. I will also be adding photography. All works will soon be available for purchase too.