No words required – middle of a storm

Weather fascinates me. Nine times out of 10, if there’s a chance for a good thunderstorm, you’re going to find my out in the country searching for it. Despite the rage that some may hold, they’re beautiful. Angry beautiful. Sometimes fear makes its way into the back of my throat. Sometimes I think to myself “Wow, this is probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had.” Like the time lightning struck so close to me, I felt the energy tickle my skin. Yes, it was literally that close. And other times the adrenaline I feel from watching these storms develop and unleash takes my breath away. I live for moments like that.

To live in an area that frequently experiences thunderstorms and severe weather most of the year, I feel extremely blessed. Especially considering how big of a weather nerd I am.

She is as gentle as a cloud but loves with the fury of a storm.

Wordless Wednesday // Jeff Davis County, Georgia

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