My inspiration, it’s my dad

When I say that art flows through my veins, it’s because of this man right here. Who is he you ask? He is my dad, Marcus. He introduced me to art at a very young age. He not only helped mold my own talent/skill in drawing and painting, but he also paved the way for my photography by gifting me my first 35mm at 16. He’ll never know just how much I admire him and how much he’s inspired me. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 9 years ago, and despite that, he’s continued painting. When you have a passion so strong, not much will keep you from enjoying it. He is my biggest inspiration in so many ways, and I can only hope that I continue improving my own talent and skill. If I’m only a fraction of the artist he is, I’ll be happy.

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.—Salvador Dalí

He inspired so many. He is a true artist.

Below are two of my favorite pieces painted by my dad. Both acrylic on canvas.

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