No words required – middle of a storm

Weather fascinates me. Nine times out of 10, if there’s a chance for a good thunderstorm, you’re going to find my out in the country searching for it. Despite the rage that some may hold, they’re beautiful. Angry beautiful. Sometimes fear makes its way into the back of my throat. Sometimes I think to myself “Wow, this is probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had.” Like the time lightning struck so close to me, I felt the energy tickle my skin. Yes, it was literally that close. And other times the adrenaline I feel from watching these storms develop and unleash takes my breath away. I live for moments like that.

To live in an area that frequently experiences thunderstorms and severe weather most of the year, I feel extremely blessed. Especially considering how big of a weather nerd I am.

She is as gentle as a cloud but loves with the fury of a storm.

Wordless Wednesday // Jeff Davis County, Georgia

Hello, baby

Last month I took in a stray cat. She’s no longer as stray, she’s been named Harlow and I’m currently looking to find a rescue for her. Shortly after she started hanging around, I noticed she was pregnant. I have trouble turning away an animal regardless, but I knew there was no way I could turn her away in her condition – not that I would have. So, about 2 weeks later, bing bang boom. Four beautiful kittens. Two black & white, one almost completely black and one grey tabby. Talk about instantly falling in love. I was with Harlow through the entire labor process. This was only the second time I’ve experienced such a thing.

So, check out these cutie pies.

Once they began opening their eyes, they became little wanna-be dragons, hissing at every little thing. Especially me, and especially the kids. Not so much Harper (the dog). Their eyes have been open for about a week now, and their hissing has decreased. The two black and white ones love to cuddle with me. The black one does from time to time. The grey tabby, not so much. Just let that one sleep because that’s its favorite thing to do!

We’ll be getting Harlow spayed soon, and with any luck find her and all 4 kittens a wonderful rescue or loving home to call their own. If I could keep them all myself, I would. Unfortunately as a renter, I’m only allowed 2 full time pets inside (I have Harper, my dog, and Hope, my cat already). It’s too dangerous for them to be outside, and besides, I think they’d the comfort and coziness of being indoors.

The sea, where I find my peace

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul…

Tybee Island 1

Tybee Island 2

I took these photos in March, on Tybee Island. It’s one of my favorite places to visit here in Georgia, especially on the coast. I sometimes sit in a swing for hours after the sun has risen. It brings me so much peace. The sea is so good for my soul. If you’re ever in the Savannah, Georgia area, you should plan to watch the sun rise at least one (North Beach, where you’ll find the lighthouse, is a favored spot. The Pier/Pavilion is also great for sun rise).